Trevor Van Ackeren

Q: How long have you been running?
A: I’ve been running for over 15 years. I started running on a middle school cross country team, but I remember doing runs with my dad and brother even before then.

Q: What is your favorite event other than running?
A: An addition to running, I’ve always loved basketball. I love my role as an assistant basketball coach with Liberty High School and invest a lot of time and energy into coaching.

Q: Tell us about your favorite event.
A: My best and my favorite event has typically been the middle distance races on the track. I love the relays where you compete as a team like the 4x800m and the Distance Medley Relay.

Q: What is your favorite running shoe of all time?
A: My favorite shoe is the Brooks Cadence. It’s just so versatile due to its light-weight but also supportive/structure elements. I love it for a longer run or an uptempo workout.

Q: What is the activity or event on your “bucket list” that you would most like to do if money and time were not an object?
A: I would love to run in an Olympic Trials marathon or another major marathon field. The marathon is a new and scary distance for me, but I’d love to take a crack at running a fast one.

Q: What is your proudest running moment?
A:  Winning the Penn Relays 4xMile “Championship of America” with my teammates at Princeton. Going to watch Penn Relays as a freshman in high school was what really opened my eyes to the greatness of track and field as a sport, and it was the 4xMile that day that really inspired me. Going full circle from a boy in awe of the collegiate champions to a champion myself in the same event was something very special to me. To accomplish something on such a big stage in front of a packed stadium, and to do so as part of a relay with my best friends and teammates made the feat all the more cherishable