With winter (hopefully) finally coming to an end, our first featured runner and Team Vark member, Chris Luck is looking ahead to this year’s race season. We had a chance to talk to him about his upcoming races and some of his pre and post-race traditions. We hope you enjoy learning a bit more about Chris and his race plans for this year!
1. As of now, what is your race season schedule? My spring schedule includes the Boston Marathon, Jim Thorpe Half, and the Pittsburgh Marathon. The fall, as of now, will be the Chicago Marathon and Runner’s World Hat Trick. I’m sure more will be added!
2. Which race are you looking forward to most? Obviously, I am psyched for Boston! Besides that, I’m super excited that Runner’s World weekend registration opened up. It’s the best weekend in Bethlehem!
3. How do you balance training for all of those races? I was already in the beginning weeks of training for Pittsburgh, which I had to push up by three weeks for Boston. After Boston, I plan to drop back to the current week on Pittsburgh training and use Jim Thorpe as a training run.
4. How did you get your Boston entry? I was hanging out with friends when a friend sent a group message on Facebook message with a picture of a guaranteed Boston registration he was offering to the first to respond. I hesitated momentarily, knowing I had two other races in the same months. Thankfully, my friends smacked me and said “It’s Boston… say yes!” and I did!
5. Can you describe your Boston training plan?  I’ve already been going for a 13-mile run weekly for a while now. Last year, after training all summer for two fall marathons, I decided to also throw a 20-miler in the mix every month, rather than re-training from scratch. Ironically, I ran 20 miles the day before my invitation to Boston!
6. Which race distance is your favorite? Distance wise, I’d go with a half. While I enjoy training for and running full marathons, there is a higher level of stress. Half marathons are less stressful and more enjoyable!
7. What is your go-to pre-race meal? I really don’t have any. Last year, I had a Wegman’s Marathon roll with peanut butter before my long runs and races. This year, I baked Superhero Muffins from the “Run Fast. Eat Slow.” cookbook and have been having them before long runs and plan to do the same for my races.
8. Do you have any other pre or post-race traditions or rituals? Pre-race… there is a joke with some of my friends that I drank Bourbon old fashioneds the night before all of my fall races last year, and I PR’d in all of them. So, I may continue that! Post-race… I went home and mowed the lawn after my first two marathons. My other marathons were later in the fall, so no mowing was required!