Meet our first featured runner and Team Vark member, Chris Luck! For the remainder of this year, we will be highlighting runners on our website, social media and in Fig Magazine. On March 13, Fig Magazine is publishing the first installment of Aardvark Stories—celebrating the journeys of folks who have found support, good health, and fitness through their experience with Aardvark Sports Shop. Until then, we hope you enjoy the “Sneak Peak” about Chris!
Name: Chris Luck
Age: 41 years old
Hometown: Pocono Pines, PA
Profession: IT Manager at Guardian Life Insurance
Q&A with Chris:
1. How long have you been running? 8 years
2. What is your favorite Aardvark event?  If I had to pick my favorite event, I think it would be Ragnar PA last year. While only a small subset of the overall team, it was an amazing example of the camaraderie that has developed between us all. Spending two days in a van with 6 sweaty, stinky and tired runners, but everyone remained positive, supportive and cheerful. It was a fantastic experience that I’m thankful I was a part of and will remain a weekend I remember forever!
3. What races are you completing this year? Marathons: Pittsburgh, Boston and Chicago; 1/2 marathons: Jim Thorpe 1/2, RW 1/2 (hopefully!) & also in the drawing for NY Marathon.
4. What is your proudest running accomplishment? Finishing the Scranton 1/2 marathon 2 weeks before my last treatment 
5. What are your favorite running products (shoes, nutrition, etc)? Saucony Guides (I have 16 pairs from Guide 6s to the ISOs); for long runs I use Carb Boom. I recently made the Superhero Muffins from the “Run Fast, Eat Slow” cookbook for pre-run!
6. What advice would you give to new runners? Find a group to help keep you motivated! It doesn’t need to be a formal group like Team Vark (although they are a great way to meet fellow runners), but having the support and motivation to get you out there. It is also a great way to find out from others on what has and has not worked for them (i.e. nutrition, hydration, gear, etc).